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Physician Well-Being Assessment Tool (PWSAT)

The Physician Well-Being Self-Assessment Tool (PWSAT) is a forty-item survey that assesses physician well-being in four domains: bio-physical (BIO), psycho-emotional (EMO), socio-relational (RELA), and religio-spiritual (SPIR).  This standardized and validated resource helps physicians reflect on their own well-being, enabling better management of the stressors that can lead to burnout.

PWSAT Development Reliability Validity provides a quick overview of the careful process undertaken to develop the PWSAT.  This brief document summarizes the processes used to develop PWSAT, as well as results on the tool’s reliability and validity from pilots and other early studies.

Whenever a health system, health plan or hospital contracts to allow their physicians to take the PWSAT, a Chart Book is delivered at no extra charge.  The Chart Book gives confidential results that can be used by medical staff committees, physician groups or others to see the strengths and opportunities for improved physician well-being among their physician members.  The Chart Book can be used in a retreat or a CEU event as background information or to stimulate discussions about ways to help physicians manage the many stressors they face.

As a value-added option, the PWSAT Feedback Report shows physicians their scores in the four domains of well-being: BIO, EMO, RELA and SPIR and compares their scores to the averages from the National Study on Physician Well-Being.  The graphically handsome and quick to examine and interpret balanced scorecard for PWSAT can also be accompanied by a graphical report on the physician’s level of burnout as measured by the widely used Maslach Burnout Inventory, as in this example.

Courageous Healthcare will customize the survey to your specifications.  Other measures can be included, such as the Professional Quality of Life scale or Saucier’s Big Five Personality Inventory.  And Courageous Health will coordinate with your organization’s marketing department to ensure your Physician Well-Being Self-Assessment has the look and feel of your own corporate communications.

For further information about the PWSAT, contact Richard J. Bogue, PhD, FACHE ( or Ted Hamilton, MD, (