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Physician Lounge

By Doug Wysockey-Johnson


Often in this space we deal with subjects like meaning, renewal practices and tending our important relationships. That is one important side of physician well-being. The other has to do with those emerging practical ideas that attempt to address the factors that decrease physician well-being.


At its best, delegation saves time. And time is the one thing most physicians feel is in short supply. About delegation, Jeff Cowart writes: “True delegation is built on real trust, clear instructions, reasonable deadlines and expectations for accomplishment, and regular review of results on delegated tasks. It requires really letting go of things that should not be on your plate and counting on someone else to deliver. This is one of the most critical skills a physician can develop after medical school.” (Jeff Cowart, President of MD/Advocates)

Delegation can be challenging for physicians. There are a variety of reasons, ranging from training to trust. Not only is delegation not taught in medical school, but the message of ‘handle it on your own’ tends to be reinforced. Good delegation also requires an investment of time up front for equipping and expectations. But at its best, delegation frees up a bit more time for physicians to be physicians, doing the work they are trained to do and enjoy doing.

The Physician Lounge

At its best, the Physician Lounge is a place of conversation and reflection. As a doctor, sometimes what you need is a chance to connect with other physicians, bouncing ideas off each other, laughing or venting. Other times you just need a moment to think in the midst of a hectic schedule. Physician Colleague Reflections by Lumunos are an attempt to get at the spirit of the Physician Lounge. In simple email format, they provide an opportunity to connect, discuss, vent, laugh, or reflect.

If you are interested in providing the Lumunos Physician Colleague Reflections to your medical staff or physician group on a weekly basis, contact Doug Wysockey-Johnson at