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By Doug Wysockey-Johnson

Time Banking

Some systems and practices are exploring the idea of time banking. Time banking can come in many different forms depending on the structure, but the general idea is to bank time or credits for work done that can be “cashed in” at a later date. At a pilot program at Stanford Hospital, Doctors can bank the time they spend doing the often-unappreciated work of mentoring, serving on committees, covering colleagues’ shifts on short notice or deploying in emergencies, and earn credits to use for work or home-related services. Those services can include things like babysitting, eldercare, grant writing help, handyman services, dry cleaning pickup, web support and more.

“In my mind, this program is brilliant, and maintaining it was an easy decision,” said Paul Auerbach, former chief of emergency medicine, who said the credits cost “far less” than 1 percent of his budget. “It’s extremely cost-effective.” (Washington Post)

Again, time banking is not a one size fits all solution. But the basic idea-finding creative ways to compensate busy physicians with time-saving tools-is a universal need.

The Physician Lounge

At its best, the Physician Lounge is a place of conversation and reflection. As a doctor, sometimes what you need is a chance to connect with other physicians, bouncing ideas off each other, laughing or venting. Other times you just need a moment to think in the midst of a hectic schedule. Physician Colleague Reflections by Lumunos are an attempt to get at the spirit of the Physician Lounge. In simple email format, they provide an opportunity to connect, discuss, vent, laugh, or reflect.

If you are interested in providing the Lumunos Physician Colleague Reflections to your medical staff or physician group on a weekly basis, contact Doug Wysockey-Johnson at