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By Doug Wysockey-Johnson

Seeing the Unseen

“I know, I know. It takes more than 31 days to be a better doctor.  And yes, I know, it’s a stupid challenge, you’re too busy and you’ve got better things to do.  And yes, I know, doctoring is way more complex than doing stuff like these.” 

So begins a blog by Dr. Eric Levi, an ENT surgeon.  In the face of all that is wrong with medicine today, he challenged himself to come up with 31 simple acts  “so I can fine tune my heart and head towards becoming a better doctor.”  While Dr. Levi is clear that he did this for himself, I thought some of his ideas were worth sharing.  Hopefully, his list will help you create your own simple acts that encourage you to be the doctor you want to be. 

Day 22:  See the Unseen 

It takes an army of workers to make a hospital run.  There are many, many unseen employees in every hospital working for the good of the patients.  As doctors, we are often seen as the face of the hospital, but we know that we would not be able to work effectively without the help of so many others.  Today, make a special effort to see those unseen workers.  See them, smile at them and thank them.  See the janitors, cleaners, porters, security guards, engineering, kitchen services, receptionists, switchboard operators, operating theatre sterilizers, lab technicians, etc.  There are hundreds of unseen quiet workers in the hospital.  A tap on their shoulders with the words, “Thank you.  My patients and I appreciate your good work” may just make their day. 

Restoring Hope and Humanity to Health Care, by Dr. Eric Levi.  

Dr. Levi is correct:  a simple gesture of thanks like this could very well make another’s day. But it gets even better, as there is all kinds of research indicating that it improves your well being also.   

Question for Conversation and Reflection:  Whom among the ‘unseen workers’ do you particularly appreciate?

The Physician Lounge

At its best, the Physician Lounge is a place of conversation and reflection. As a doctor, sometimes what you need is a chance to connect with other physicians, bouncing ideas off each other, laughing or venting. Other times you just need a moment to think in the midst of a hectic schedule. Physician Colleague Reflections by Lumunos are an attempt to get at the spirit of the Physician Lounge. In simple email format, they provide an opportunity to connect, discuss, vent, laugh, or reflect.

If you are interested in providing the Lumunos Physician Colleague Reflections to your medical staff or physician group on a weekly basis, contact Doug Wysockey-Johnson at