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Benefits of Membership

Coalition for Physician Well-Being members enjoy access to a wide range of resources, including:

Monthly Teleconferences

Monthly Teleconferences cover a broad array of topics pertinent to understanding physician well-being. Each teleconference is 60 minutes in duration, and consists of a 20-minute presentation by an acknowledged content expert, followed by ample opportunity for dialogue with participants. A sampling of recent teleconference topics includes depression in physicians; physician and spouse formation; new physician orientation; physician integration and alignment. View Our Calendar →

National Meeting

The National Meeting is held annually in the spring of the year. This two-day meeting brings together leaders in the Physician Well-Being movement for education, planning, dialogue, and sharing of ideas and resources. Coalition Action Groups report on accomplishments of the previous year and develop strategies and plans for future initiatives.

Experienced Coaches

Experienced coaches, consultants, speakers, and facilitators are available for informal dialogue and formal engagement regarding issues such as work-life balance; finding purpose in professional life; building collegial relationships; physician marriage and family life; identifying physicians at risk; establishing a physician well-being program; and a host of related topics.

Networking Resources

Networking Resources include professionals with a wide range of education, training, and professional experience. Physicians, psychologists, pastors, administrators, and others bring a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and perspective to the conversation.

Physician Well-Being Research

Research is an essential element of the work of the Coalition. Abundant published evidence attests to the real challenges facing physicians in the practice of medicine and the significant impact on physician lives and practices. What is not so clear is compelling evidence of strategies that work. The role of the Coalition is to design and implement strategies, measure results, and share outcomes for the benefit of the discipline.

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